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"Clients come to us for good architecture, not for the latest house invention that drives the crazy floor plans."

"We are known for plans that really flow well, rooms that merge complex living environments"

Test yourself. What's the secret to creating beautiful, functional, custom-designed homes? [(a) Inspiration (b) Planning (c) Service (d) All of the Above]. The answer, says architect Don Edson, is (d) All of the Above. "Making your dream home a reality is a thorough process of putting inspiration and planning together with service, service, service, " he said.

In practice since 1973, Edson says community's distinctive residential character enjoys an international reputation because architectural firms are expected to get more completely involved with homes here. "We are brought into the picture much sooner. We stay with the project much longer, " said Edson. "People get a fuller range of professional help from construction budgeting, to lot selection, to picking out the right wall colors and furniture. Clients should feel that their desires are articulated in every facet of custom construction." He calls it Total Service Quality.

Edson's firm, Don Edson Architect Inc, A.I.A. , has designed and built custom residential throughout California including La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe and Fairbanks Ranch, as well as projects in Texas, Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Japan and Saudi Arabia. He says people everywhere are looking for one basic outcome: harmony of design where everything works together. "They want more than blueprints, " said Edson. "They want a complete, coordinated living environment."

By Brian Wiersema, Contributing Writer, The San Diego Union


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